I am constantly marvelling at how complex the world has become. When I was a lad growing up things were indeed a lot simpler. I remember well the family telephone – an old Bakelite dial job. And anyone that had more than ONE telephone extension in the house was considered very flash indeed. The closest we had come to imagining the telecommunications revolution of the future was Dick Tracy and his wrist watch phone. That was a very big WOW. I’m laughing now just thinking of it. But there is a price we must now pay with all the whiz-bang gadgetry at our disposal. All the plugged in stuff like smart phones, internet, and online everything has created a complex domain that can literally fry our brains and cause overwhelm and stress. So where is the “sweet spot”? One way to deal with it is to become screen addicts. That’s one extreme. The other extreme is to unplug all together. But what about finding a productive and sane balance? This, in my view is preferable. And I say this for the simple reason that the technology now at our disposal has the potential to really transform our lives and the planet . . .immeasurably for the better.

“Chronic stress is bad for your health and performance. But if you want to get things done, a moderate amount helps you focus and perform at an OPTIMUM level. The ideal state is when you’re both engaged and productive.”
– from book: Success – The Psychology of Achievement. In The Zone – Making Stress Work for You

Artwork: Dick Tracy comic cover art

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