Do you know what you really feel about things? It’s usually the case that when we are holding a strong feeling of judgement against another . . . that what we are really doing is hiding something critical from our self, about our self. And this is always ALL about FEELINGS that we are hiding; that we are avoiding. When we are in a strong feeling of judgement about another, what is going on is that we are avoiding, or refusing to look at an aspect of our self.

By looking fearlessly at our-self and being brutally honest about the self image that we are holding our relationships with others will be transformed. And how we we function will be transformed. This can (and will) happen very quickly once we confront the truth… about our self. Yes . . . (narcissists are going to Love this) it really is ALL ABOUT YOU.

Getting in touch with our feelings – knowing what we REALLY feel about things, and about our-self, is fundamental to any area or level of success. Any success that we may wish to generate, to have, to experience or to maintain is DEEPLY dependent on being able to get in touch with our authentic feelings. We may even agree on the truth of this and yet bizarrely continue trying to create different outcomes without addressing the underlying issues.

The Golden Keys of how to witness the truth about our-self are hidden in plain sight. Once we are able to access the keys – to see what needs to be seen and learn to apply the techniques for accessing our authentic feelings – our life can and will change immeasurably for the better.

Artwork: Escher, Bond of Union

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