We live in a world where technology changes fast and is therefore changing us fast. As if you hadn’t noticed. Marshall McLuhan probably said it best when he famously stated: The Medium is The Massage. In other words, it’s not what is said as much as the medium that it is said in . . . that transforms people and societies. Case in point – the digital revolution. This transformative phase obviously has a long way to go. And just look where it’s gotten us already. Here we are interacting on social media, interactive web sites and interacting with disruptive systems – think Uber, AirBnB & iTunes. None of this existed twenty years ago.

Whole industries have been re-shaped. And just in case you haven’t noticed we are in the middle of a Tsunami of change right now in the relentless drive towards a future which is as yet unknown. How then is the fragile human being supposed to cope? Because coping with the changes and the RATE of change is paramount to maintaining your sanity, surviving the tsunami and thriving and profiting amidst all of this Chaos.

Chaos is a great word to become familiar with right now, because it will tell us and teach us much. Did you know that Chaos represents one of the THREE main scientific theoretical breakthroughs of the twentieth Century? Some people are yawning at the mention of this, however all I can do is to strenuously urge anyone who has an inkling of being or remaining profitable over the next ten and twenty years to gain some insight into this most enigmatic of theories. Chaos is also known as The Butterfly Effect. And while pretty much everyone has heard of it, it is astonishing that so very few people actually have a working grasp of what it means. The understanding of Chaos Theory would be a great asset . . . for anyone wanting to create a new business or improve an existing one. What is also worth knowing is that it is the extra-dimensional layers of the theory that really show us how to benefit from it and to profit by it. Sadly when you go looking for the explanation for Chaos Theory or The Butterfly Effect online you will find – ALWAYS – the superficial 1.01 layer of explanation only. The valuable secret is hiding beneath the surface.

The very first thing that we need to be able to do, to have and to be at this time is to have a way of remaining open minded and flexible. But as the Zen Meditation system reveals this business of being and remaining open-minded is a slippery fish. As Walt Whitman once said, most people don’t think they just rearrange their prejudices. The Art of Flexibility is now just as important as The Art of War (book by Sun Tzu) for success in business. As the old Taoist (Chinese) saying tells us, the bamboo bends but does not break. Unlike a mighty Oak tree that could be felled in big wind. Well, there’s a lot getting broken at the moment due to IN-flexibility. We may think we know how to do it. Just sit still and “meditate” for twenty minute a day. That ought to do it. Well look, it’s a start but it’s a long way off giving you what you need. And the there’s the fact that most people don’t know what they don’t know.

Business Operators – Eastern or Western, will be a long time searching for the keys and codes to being able to see things with an open mind. But it will be this perspective, coming from a deep and authentic place that will provide the advantages for business owners and entrepreneurs in the turbulent times we are in and in the tumultuous times ahead. An in-depth study of what makes systems tick – including living systems like the human mind and taking account of human psychology, will reveal the hidden gems and veins of gold that will unlock massive value for business. The Holistic Business Coaching method puts the most profound knowledge – like what has been mentioned above – together with the essential layers required to not only survive in turbulent times, but to thrive. This knowledge and the application of it is layered into workable systems. This is why the people that do the work given in this system achieve consistently outstanding breakthrough results. There is guaranteed to be NOTHING LIKE IT anywhere else. The system and its delivery is unique.

I have purposely chosen an image to accompany this written article that is – just a little – disturbing. We need to disturb ourselves. We need to be prepared to get ourselves out of our current comfort zone. So I have avoided, on this occasion, a gratuitously positive image in favour of something that is just slightly unsettling. If it unsettles you enough to spur you into taking action today then it’s been worth the risk.

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Image title: Self Observation