It’s the greatest challenge for Natural Therapists, but 99.99% of Natural Therapists don’t know what it is. Most will say that the greatest challenge is finding new clients and winning new business. This may be your most pressing problem right now, but if you do not address your greatest challenge then winning a few clients isn’t going to help. You must address your greatest challenge or you will be digging yourself out of the same hole again and again.

Once you have the Golden Keys for business success and apply them, success will follow you and you will not have to go chasing it. The challenge in having a strong and stable stream of clients is not due to the market. The Natural Therapy market is booming. The problem is invariably due to Natural Therapists’ approach to business.

A standard business analysis might require setting realistic business goals and driving results. Great. That makes sense, but there is a large piece missing from that formula, and it’s what no one wants to tell you. They are afraid you will find it too complex and so, the real solution gets dumbed down. Well I am going to break the rules and tell you the truth, because the truth will set you free, and the pay-off really is enormous.

The Keys to being able to create an ongoing stream of valuable clients are concerned with three specific areas. These are:

Firstly, your erroneous yet sacredly held beliefs. These are holding you back and you must have the courage to see through these illusions, for that is precisely what they are. This requires a bit of brutal self-honesty. The template for doing this is well researched and mapped and it’s easier than you might think.

Second is the inner game of psychological success. When you learn to play this game effectively you will activate your transformation for long term success and rewards. There is over one hundred years of contemporary science and understanding to draw upon plus ancient knowledge. Putting it all together creates unique advantages.

Third are the methods and mechanisms for winning new business. Many people unfamiliar with the inner workings of Sales & Marketing methods have an erroneous view that selling is about manipulating people to get them to do what they want. There is an essential element of psychology and persuasion involved in Sales & Marketing, that is true. Nevertheless, authentic selling involves principles which are positive, life affirming and creatively stimulating. You don’t have to be a con-artist once you possess and understand the keys. When you apply the underlying factors, making the sale is something that flows naturally and, largely takes care of itself.

If you lack the first two keys (eliminating erroneous beliefs and the psychological inner game of success) you will feel that you must manipulate and may even feel that you need to be dishonest to win new clients. However, once you have an effective grasp of keys One and Two the methods for winning new business will naturally be enacted from your authentic self of personal value and a genuine desire to be of service. Some people will say that this is all too good to be true and yet the reality is that this is good enough to be true!

Simon has spent thirty plus years in corporate sales and marketing, and for ten years has combined this with Life and Business Coaching.