Studies have shown that people who feel more comfortable with facts rather than feelings are generally more professionally successful. But this is a measure of success that is focused on material ownership. It’s well known that people who are materially well off can be miserable. But of course they don’t have to be. And people who have open hearts can be happy with very little, but it doesn’t always mean they are either.  So what to do? How can the emotion-based decision maker AND the rationalist both experience greater levels of success, in terms that are real to them? In both cases getting beyond the limitations of mind will be necessary.

There is a warp and a weft (these are weaving terms) to the aspects of life that can create what I call the magic carpet. This is the combination of key threads that will generate success regardless of your orientation. It helps to know up front that at a critical point of the journey it will be necessary to turn the lower mind OFF. That is the mind that Loves to control EVERYTHING. You can’t control everything. Once you have the keys to your own warp and weft, you will be able to ride your own unique magic carpet and experience what many feel is a “magic” kind of success. It’s easy when you know how.

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